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Namaste Friends!



We are excited to offer an intimate opportunity to connect in community with a group of gifted healers, musicians & yoga teachers at The Heartwood Retreat Center in Blue Ridge, GA.

Join us for a 4 day weekend of mindful yoga practices, soulful live music, breathwork, mantra chanting, meditation, Himalayan singing bowl sound healing, medicine wheel ceremony, delicious healthy meals, fire circle, swimming and hiking.

The tranquil space at Heartwood allows for time in nature, reflection, and connection. Heartwood is an intentional community, the land there has been lovingly nurtured and is centered around mindfulness and sustainable practices for conscious living. 

This is an all-inclusive retreat:
3 nights accommodations, all meals, and a juicy combination of the above offerings!


All About the Retreat:
Scroll to the bottom for the weekend schedule.


Karen Dorfman, Margo Gomes and

The Spirit Messengers: Don Martin, Ian Boccio, Stan Holt


For further information about your facilitators, please see bios below.

EXTRA OFFERINGS (for an additional fee):

Private Energy Medicine Healing Session with Stan Holt

Private Vibrational Sound Healing Session with Margo Gomes



Heartwood Retreat Center



Comfortable shared rooms with twin beds, one triple room is available. During your free time you are invited to enjoy the hot tub, infrared sauna, outdoor showers, swinging bed, chair lounge areas, hiking trails and swimming in the lake. 


The chef at Heartwood, Christina Law, lovingly prepares all the delicious meals we will enjoy during our stay. Thursday dinner, 3 meals Friday & Saturday, Sunday brunch and additional fruit, teas, bread and nut butters. Christina specializes in vegan and gluten free, but  menus can be adapted to include eggs and protein options. 



$875 per person all-inclusive

*Rates are for Double Occupancy - all rooms are shared

Please contact Margo at 830-237-3053 or for the following reasons:

  • If you are coming with 1 or 2 friends with whom you would like to share a room, or you are attending as a couple.

  • If you require a private room.

  • If you live in the area and don’t require accommodations.



  • If you prefer to split your payment, a deposit of $425 is due upon booking to reserve your space and the balance is due on or before June 21st. If you do not pay the balance by this date your deposit will be non-refundable and your registration will be forfeited.

  • If cancellation is made by May 21st you will be refunded your deposit minus a $210 cancellation fee. 

  • There will be no refunds for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the retreat. This policy extends to all reasons for cancellation, including Covid-19.  Please consider purchasing cancellation/trip insurance if you are concerned about the financial risk.










































































































Karen is a devoted Yoga teacher and Neuromuscular Massage Therapist of 27 years. The foundation of her work is to help people feel more connected, mind, body & spirit, so they can be the best version of themselves in their daily lives.


Coming from a background in dance, her love of movement as a soulful practice led her to yoga, and it became the next part of her life’s journey. In 2006 she completed the 200 hour teacher training program at Peachtree Yoga Center. Since then, she continues to study with teachers that inspire her so that she can bring a richer and deeper experience to her students each time they meet on the mat. 


With a warm and welcoming teaching style, Karen's classes are accessible for all skill levels. She teaches hatha yoga, primarily vinyasa flow balanced with yin and restorative poses. Students can expect attention to alignment and breath, modifications as needed, supportive hands-on adjustments, and mindful encouragement. 


Karen offers group classes, private instruction, workshops and retreats. She is also the co-founder of the ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival. When she is not working, she can be found playing out in nature with her best buddy, her dog named Luca.



Margo Gomes is a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist who is passionate about sharing the extraordinary ability of sound vibrations to repair aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment and to restore harmony and wholeness to body, mind, and spirit. She facilitates group soundscape experiences using a variety of Himalayan singing bowls, Chinese wind gong, and other instruments to create an atmosphere of relaxation and healing. Margo also offers private sessions during which she places Himalayan Zen Therapeutic Singing Bowls directly on and around the whole body. The induction of sound waves directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, produces a state of profound relaxation that allows stagnant energy to begin to flow and enables the body to begin to heal itself, thus enhancing our health and wellbeing, heightening our consciousness, and bringing balance and harmony into our daily lives. Clients have reported benefits that include relief from stress and anxiety, reduction in pain, improved sleep, peace of mind and mental clarity, emotional healing and release, and deeper spiritual connection.



Don has been a spiritual leader and musician for over 35 years. He has provided coaching and counseling for hundreds of people, utilizing AQAL (integral) therapy, Akashic Field therapy, and the Sinte Process (Sacred/Sensual/Intuitive/Integral/Energetic).

Most recently, he was the publisher of Aquarius Magazine and CEO of Aquarius Media Network, specializing in service to the metaphysical and new age community. He has also spoken, taught and performed music and sonic alchemy throughout the world, playing with notable musicians across several musical genres.


Don is now blissfully a part of The Spirit Messengers with Ian Boccio and Stan Holt. His passion is to use music, writing, sound and integral therapy to help others discover their own inner divine nature. He facilitates the pathway to self-discovery and self-love, so that one can experience the unconditional love found in personified nature, and discover pathways to healing, empowerment and grace.



Ian’s journey in music began a few decades ago, with stops in Los Angeles and Philadelphia before landing in Atlanta. He started out as a bass guitarist working in a variety of genres, and quickly moved into the world of recording and producing for independent artists. In 2005, a profound spiritual experience led Ian to the discovery of Sanskrit, the ancient, sacred language of India, and the meditation practice of mantra yoga that uses phrases in Sanskrit to facilitate changes in consciousness. Mantra, and the associated style of world music called kirtan, became Ian’s artistic focus for the next 15+ years, during which time he was dedicated to building a spiritual music community in Atlanta, and touring the US to perform at kirtan events and festivals. The Spirit Messengers marks Ian’s return to the expression of lyrics in English, melding verses that inspire presence and consciousness with the powerful vibrations of Sanskrit mantras, and allowing the message of hope to be heard by the widest audience possible.

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Stan is a practitioner of Integrative Energetic Medicine, a Mesa Carrier of the Pachakuti Tradition and is the percussionist in his band The Spirit Messengers. A formerly Licensed Massage Therapist, his focus now is on being a spiritual healing facilitator, an energy management & awareness coach, and a musician. From 2005-2008 Stan attended WhiteWinds Institute. There he completed 1000 hours of clinical training in the arts and science of Integrative Energetic Medicine. 


Stan's journey with music began as a child. His appreciation for a wide variety of music ranged from Mozart to Van Halen. In 2010, Stan was introduced to the world of kirtan and the practice known as Bhakti yoga, which richly enhanced the path in his spiritual evolution. In 2012, Stan created Swaha Productions, hosting well known nationally touring kirtan artists in Atlanta such as David Newman, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, and co-hosted Krishna Das to name a few. As a drummer, Stan's self taught and unique style has been growing since 2017 when he began to lend his rhythms to one of Atlanta's local kirtan bands, the Adi Shakti Tribe. His drum kit is modified to include a cajon, two djembes and a variety of other percussive instruments. Currently, Stan's dynamic skill set is the beat and rhythm of The Spirit Messengers band.






Weekend Schedule:



1:00-3:30       Arrivals

4:00-4:45       Opening Namaste Circle

5:00-6:00       Gentle Yoga accompanied by Ganesha Mantra

6:15-7:30       Dinner

7:45-8:30       Medicine Wheel Ceremony

8:30-8:45       Sea of Oms



7:30-8:20       Coffee, tea, light breakfast

8:30-9:00       Morning Meditation with Singing Bowls 

9:00-10:30     Yoga & Pranayama

10:45-12:00   Brunch

12:00-3:00     Free time (relax, hike, swim, private sessions)

3:00-3:45      Sharing Circle & Snacks

3:45-4:15      Mantra Chanting

4:15-5:45      Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing    

6:00-7:30      Dinner

7:30-9:00      The Spirit Messengers Kirtan Concert

9:00              Fire Circle



7:30-8:20      Coffee, tea, light breakfast

8:30-9:00      Morning Meditation

9:00-10:30     Yoga & Pranayama 

10:45-12:00    Brunch

12:00-2:30     Free time 

2:30-3:15       Medicine Wheel

3:15-3:45       Snacks

3:45-4:15       Mantra Chanting     

4:15-5:30       Gentle Yoga with Live Music

5:45-7:00       Dinner

7:15-9:00       The Spirit Messengers Kirtan Concert

9:00-9:45       Sound Bath & Mantra Chanting



8:30-9:20       Coffee, tea, light breakfast

9:30-10:00     Morning Meditation 

10:00-11:30   Yoga with Live Music

11:30-1:00     Brunch    

1:15-2:30       Closing Circle & Medicine Wheel