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Stan's journey with music began as a child. Music was in the house, along with a piano, a trumpet, a decent stereo, and talented family & friends.

"I grew up with an appreciation for a wide variety of music, that ranges from Mozart to Van Halen."

His expansion in the world of music increased substantially in 2010, when Stan was introduced into the world of kirtan, and the practice known as Bhakti yoga.  In 2012, Stan created Swaha Productions, and began to host nationally touring kirtan artists in Atlanta. He hosted such well known artists as David Newman, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band to name a few, as well as co-hosted Krishna Das.  While Stan's first learned instrument was the piano, his true love was the drums. Stan's self taught and unique style has been growing since 2017, when he began to lend his rhythms to one of Atlanta's local kirtan bands, the Adi Shakti Tribe.  Now, in 2022, Stan has a developed skill set to go along with a unique drum kit that includes a cajon and two jembes to bring out pounding beats when needed.

Stan Holt

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