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Ian Boccio
vocals, keyboards, bass guitar

Ian’s journey in music began a few decades ago, with stops in Los Angeles and Philadelphia before landing in Atlanta. He started out as a bass guitarist working in a variety of genres, and quickly moved into the world of recording and producing for independent artists. In 2005, a profound spiritual experience led Ian to the discovery of Sanskrit, the ancient, sacred language of India, and the meditation practice of mantra yoga that uses phrases in Sanskrit to facilitate changes in consciousness. Mantra, and the associated style of world music called kirtan, became Ian’s artistic focus for the next 15+ years, during which time he was dedicated to building a spiritual music community in Atlanta, and touring the US to perform at kirtan events and festivals. The Spirit Messengers marks Ian’s return to the expression of lyrics in English, melding verses that inspire presence and consciousness with the powerful vibrations of Sanskrit mantras, and allowing the message of hope to be heard by the widest audience possible.

spirit messengers pic.jpeg
Who Are You...Who, Who Are You?
Sung to the tune of "Who Are You?" by, uhm, The Who
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